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Optimal investments for those looking for profitability, security and transparency.


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Payment, transfers, Pix for those who are looking for profitability, security and transparency.


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Payroll deduction lonas with lower interest rates and convenience.


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Zero tariff

Peace of mind to invest with no maintenance and brokerage fees in your account.




Pay and receive with Pix

The future of payments, in a convenient and instantaneous way. 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.



Invest with security

Fixed income investments with potentially higher returns than savings accounts.




DDA (Authorized Direct Debit)

Receive your bank slips online and pay them in a few clicks, without having to type the barcode.​​



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Your bank wherever you are, whenever you need it



With ABC Personal you have access to a complete platform for you and your investments. Open your account right now, with no bureaucracy and costs.

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What is a Payroll Deduction Loan?



It is a loan where installments are deducted directly from your payroll.

This allows Banco ABC Brasil to offer you, as an employee of accredited companies, a lower interest rate and affordable installments.


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Achieve your plans and reduce your debts.


Exchange high interest rates on overdrafts, credit cards and other debts at the lower rates of ABC Brasil Payroll Deduction Loan.



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