What is SCR - Credit Information System

of the Central Bank of Brazil?

The Credit Information System of Banco Central - SCR - is a database about information sent to the Central Bank of Brazil, referring to the operations and securities with credit characteristics and respective guarantees contracted per client before financial institutions.


What is the purpose of SCR?


Provide information to the Central Bank of Brazil, for purposes of monitoring credit in the financial system and for the exercise of its inspection activities;


Enable the exchange of information between financial institutions, allowing a more precise and secure assessment of the client regarding the payment capacity of contracted credit operations. The decision on the concession of new credit operations is exclusive to the financial institution, according to its credit policy;

Allow the client to consult the credit obligations of its responsibility before the various Brazilian financial institutions.



What are the ways of consulting SCR information?


Clients, individuals or legal entities, can register with the Central Bank to access, free of charge, through the Internet, information on credit operations registered in their name in the SCR. Access the link:!/p/REGISTRATO


Alternatively, the SCR report may also be provided to customers through the Consumer Assistance Area of the Brazilian Central Bank ,either in person or by correspondence. For more information, visit:


Procedures for correction, exclusion, registration of judicial measure

and registration of manifestation of disagreement regarding information in the SCR.


Information submitted for registration in the SCR is the sole responsibility of the financial institutions, including in respect to inclusions, corrections, exclusions, sub judice markings, registration of legal actions and disagreement submitted by the contractors. Thus, only the financial institution responsible for the inclusion of the information in the SCR can change or exclude it.


Any request in this regard should be made through the Consumer Assistance Area of the Brazilian Central Bankby telephone at 0800 724 7411, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm or if preferred via email: Any request must be duly substantiated and, if applicable, accompanied by the corresponding judicial decision, in compliance with the provisions of articles 11 and 12 of Circular 3.870/17 of the Central Bank.


Miscellaneous Information


The extracts from the information contained in the SCR are prepared according to accounting criteria and specific methodology established by the Central Bank of Brazil, and may differ from those presented by other systems that have a distinct nature and purpose;


The information regarding the amount of client liabilities in credit operations is sent to the Central Bank of Brazil, based on the balance existing on the last day of the month of reference, therefore, there is a time lapse between the remittance of the data, its processing by the Central Bank of Brazil and its availability in the SCR.


Consultation on any information of the SCR depends on the prior authorization of the client, observing that said authorization will be extended to the institutions that, according to the current regulations, can consult the SCR and that they acquire or receive under warranty, or express interest in acquiring or receiving under warranty, in whole or in part, credit operations that are the responsibility of the client.