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Sustainability at Banco ABC


We at Banco ABC Brasil work towards building a fairer and more sustainable society. In pursuit of that goal, we take action on three key fronts:


• Support for stakeholders with related issues, for example, by providing innovative sustainability solutions.

• Improving our risk management by further deepening our analysis of sustainability-related issues.


• Finding and seizing business opportunities to build up an institution that is both viable and sustainable, thus balancing a short-term pragmatism with a long-term ambition.



We use ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) parameters to inform our best environmental, social and governance practices. That way, we contribute to the sustainable development of our business.

In addition, we are continuously at work on imparting more transparency to our ESG practices and management.


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Learn about our initiatives:


Actions focused on strengthening Banco ABC Brasil's institucional position on sustainability:

Corporate Governance

View our corporate governance structure.

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Our compliance management aims to ensure that Banco ABC Brasil comply with and abide by all laws and regulations applicable to our business. We work with preventive actions, including by providing mandatory training and by tracking compliance processes and procedures.

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Code of Ethics

We believe that banking activities are based on the existence of mutual trust between the parties, as well as trust from the public at large. For this reason, we have set behavioral parameters so that men and women on our staff act according to the highest and most appropriate standards.

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Actions focused on creating sustainable business:

Social and Environmental Risk Management

We believe that assessing counterparties is key to mitigating any potential sustainability risks. Social and environment risk assessment is a crucial part of our business strategies. Accordingly, we have a Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy in place for development of a social, environmental and corporate governance management culture.

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Providing Sustainable Products

From our diversified portfolio, we offer products that contribute to the 2030 Agenda, while directly and indirectly fostering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Capital Market

Learn about our sustainability-driven partnerships. They are operations focused on infrastructure development, such as improvements in sanitation and construction of renewable energy generation sources.

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Actions focused on ecoefficiency and climate change management:

Climate Change Management

In 2021, we took our first greenhouse gas emissions inventory, for the year 2020, using the methodology provided by the GHG Protocol Brazilian Program. Our audited, comprehensive inventory received the Gold Seal from that program.

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Initiatives focused on social issues:

The Way We Are and How We Do Business

We believe that evolving in an increasingly competitive environment takes adaptability first and foremost. We are permanently seeking to innovate and to reinvent ourselves, with no compromise on our essence.

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Health and Well-being for our Employees

Humanities Program

It is aimed at fostering work-life balance and consists of educational initiatives, health support tools and a support service platform (Canal ABC com Você - ABC With You channel).


ABC With You Channel

A 24-hour support platform that provides a series of professional services on a confidential basis. Through it, we seek to help employees solve personal problems that could affect their personal and family lives, as well as their career.


Corporate Citizen Program

We have adhered to the Corporate Citizen Program (Programa Empresa Cidadã) (Law No. 11.770/2008), which requires subscribing companies to extend their maternity leave by 60 days and paternity leave by 15 days. Currently, 100% of the men and women on our staff adhere to extended leaves.

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Social Responsibility

We foster active citizenship among our employees by promoting volunteering initiatives.

We also make donations as a way of directly supporting the development of society.

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Annual Sustainability Reports


2021 Sustainability report