ABC Brasil

Who We Are

Who We Are

Complete for large companies and great people

A consistent, secure, and efficient bank. Prepared to meet the needs of your company and your personal investments.

With a broad portfolio of products, agile decision-making and expertise process in credit analysis, Banco ABC Brasil has a solid customer base, formed by medium-sized and large companies attended with value-added financial products and tailored to their specific needs. 

The ABC Personal segment offers to individual investment options the same financial security that ABC Corporate ensures large companies.

Atn Banco ABC Brasil, the investments directed to improving processes, technology, risk control systems and operating systems are continuous and security of the business is an absolute priority.

It is one of the only Brazilian banks to rely on international control and local autonomy. The decision-making processes are supported by committees that deliberate on credit, treasury, investment and administrative issues.


Banco ABC Brasil S.A. is a multiple bank, with authorization from the Brazilian Central Bank to originate assets, funding and derivatives transactions inherent in the respective authorized portfolios (commercial, investment, credit, financing and mortgage), including foreign exchange transactions.

Banco ABC Brasil started its activities in 1989, through a joint venture between Arab Banking Corporation and Grupo Roberto Marinho, giving rise to Banco ABC Roma S.A., operating oncorporate lending and treasury activities. Since then, the Bank has built a solid base of customers in the Corporate segment, offering with high value-added financial products tailored to their specific needs.

In 1991, the current management took office, counting on Brazilian executives with extensive experience in the financial segment.

In 1997, the Arab Banking Corporation acquired the stake of Grupo Roberto Marinho and became the controlling shareholder. The executives acquired a minority stake, aligning their interests to the controller and the name of the bank was changed to Banco ABC Brasil S.A.

In 2007 Banco ABC Brasil  held its initial public offering of and was listed in Level 2 of Corporate Governance of BM&FBovespa.

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In addition to solutions for your business, Banco ABC Brasil also has solutions for you. With the services offered by ABC Personal, customers can open an investment-oriented account.

Arab Banking Corporation and Roberto Marinho Group started Banco ABC Roma S.A., operating in the corporate credit, trade finance and treasury segments.


Arab Banking Corporation and directors acquire shares of the Roberto Marinho Group. The Bank changes the name to Banco ABC Brasil S.A.


Our Values


Acting accordance with high moral standards, establishing a relationship of transparency, trust and respect for employees, customers, investors, shareholders and regulators.


Offering the best business solutions, aligned to the needs of our customers, investors and shareholders.


Fostering the constant search for innovations that promote the growth, development and increased efficiency.


Using mechanisms and processes that ensure the alignment of interests of the various stakeholders of the Bank.


Ceaseless quest for competence in everything that we do.

Deep knowledge of our market.

Credibility of our customers.

A agility in the search for innovative and proper solutions for each customer.

Commitment with good results.

Continuous investment in technology, systems and processes, aiming at a greater efficiency.