ABC Corporate

Banco ABC Brasil Corporate has strong expertise in Commercial Banking and Investing Banking, offering customized financial solutions for medium and large companies.

It is a complete bank with a broad portfolio of products and services ready to servethe main needs of its clients from all economic segments of the country with agility and efficiency.

The Corporate segment of Banco ABC Brasil is distinguished by its dedication, from the identification of the opportunities to the evaluation and structuring of the business. We adopt a conservative stance with a low risk propensity in credit and treasury businesses and regularly develop the arbitrage of markets, rates and currencies, arising from transactions demanded by clients and of proprietary positions.

Commercial Banking disposes of a broad portfolio of products, supported by a team that values agility in the decisions. Expertise in the analysis of credit has been gaining consistent results, with notably low loss indexes.

In the activities of Investment Banking, Banco ABC Brasil is among the ten largest M&A advisors in the Brazilian market, with recognized expertise in merger and acquisition processes. We play a prominent role in fixed income operations in the domestic market and we are among the top eight fixed income underwriters in the capital market and in the intermediation of public and private offerings.

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Commercial Banking

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Investment Banking

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