Guarantee Issued

Through guarantees, Banco ABC Brasilguarantees the payment of the obligation assumed by your company to third parties. With an agile and simple contracting process and wide acceptance in the market, Banco operates with the modalities of Payment Guarantees, Performance and Judicial and international guarantees arising from financial or commercial contracts. 

Payment Guarantee Issued

Guarantee issued by the ABC Brasil linked to payment obligations undertaken by your company in dealings with third parties and from financing, purchase and sale and lease contracts, among others.

Performance Guarantee Issued

Guarantee issued by the ABC Brasil linked to obligations for the provision of services, delivery of merchandise, execution of works, bid proposals and participations in auctions. 

Judicial Guarantee Issued

Guarantee issued by ABC Brasil to ensure that obligations arising out of administrative or judicial proceedings filed against your company of any nature (tax, labor, civil, among others) and with validity linked at the end of the guaranteed debate.

Stand-By Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Bank guarantee issued by a Brazilian bank that aims to guarantee payment obligations of a Brazilian company with companies abroad resulting from financial or commercial contracts.

Confirmation of Export Letters of Credit

The Export Letter of Credit of is a documentary credit opened by a banker in favor of the exporter in Brazil, which can be confirmed by Banco ABC Brasil, who will assume the credit risk and the political risk of country-headquarters of the banker abroad.

Bid Bond

Bid Bond is a bank guarantee issued by a Brazilian bank, which can be confirmed or not by a foreign banker. Aims to ensure the participation of an exporter in Brazil in an international competition.

Performance Bond

Bank Guarantee issued by a Brazilian bank that aims to guarantee the obligation of an exporter in Brazil executing (performing) a contract for the supply of goods and/or services from the importer abroad, ensuring the financial compensation if the supply by the Brazilian exporter is not delivered and/or executed.

Import Letter of Credit

The Letter of Credit of Importation, or Letter of Credit (LC), is a type of bank guarantee which aims to guarantee the payment of imports of Brazilian companies with their exporting customers abroad. Once issued a Letter of Credit, the Brazilian importer has certainty that the payment of their importation will only be made after the shipment of goods or provision of services.


The contracting is subject to credit approval and conditions of the product.